2017 Pinot Noir (Family)
2017 Pinot Noir (Family)

2017 Pinot Noir (Family)

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Our signature Pinot Noir made from our 2017 harvest of 100% organically grown pinot noir grapes. The wine was produced on-site, and moved a total of several hundred feet from vine to bottle, then aged in barrels for another 24 months. This wine is fully aged and ready to go into a cellar or a glass, however we expect it to be exceptional in 2023-2028.

This vintage is slightly more complex than the years before, with 2017's ample late-summer heat translated into increased depth and a more refined structure. The wine is full-bodied with balanced acidity. We get notes of pomegranate, deep plum, foraged berries, with hints of gunpowder tea, mossy stone and spring roses.

Harvest Notes

Our 2017 growing season was nearly perfect, with a twist at the end. The year started with an almost textbook spring. A full set of rains left some of our lower-lying neighbors flooded (in some cases completely submerged) for weeks, but when bud break came in early March the extra groundwater gave us a surge of early green, leafy growth. An almost perfect April followed, which continued to build through a warm and sunny August. 

A Labor Day heatwave broke records across the county and sent temperatures soaring to 108 degrees for several days. This late-season heat concentrated the flavor and sugars of the grapes, and pushed our picking date a few days earlier than we’d originally planned. We’re a small operation and had no problem getting a picking crew in on short notice, but many of the larger Pinot growers were not so lucky. Vineyard managers scrambled to find crews to pick on this unexpected schedule, and while most were successful, a good number of them were forced to wait in line and pick late. This no doubt had an impact on the character of grapes, and 2017 will most likely be an unpredictable vintage, vineyard to vineyard.

As always, all proceeds go to helping those impacted by disaster. Proceeds from this release will go to survivors of this year's wildfires.

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Vintage Details
Harvested: September 18, 2017
Vineyard: Labyrinth
Total Production: 40 cases
Brix at Harvest: 24.5
Alcohol: 13.9%