2016 Pinot Noir (Family)
2016 Pinot Noir (Family)

2016 Pinot Noir (Family)

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Our signature Pinot Noir made from our 2016 harvest of 100% organically grown pinot noir grapes. The wine was produced on-site, and moved a total of several hundred feet from vine to bottle, then aged in barrels for 18-24 months. This wine is fully aged, and ready to go into a cellar or a glass.

2016 was in many ways the perfect Pinot Noir growing season. This slow, predictable, and wonderfully uneventful growing season resulted in small, tight clusters with healthy skins and perfect sweetness. Intricate flavors developed, and “the lack of heat waves kept sugar levels and phenolic maturity in sync.” (Wine Spectator).

Every vintage is shaped by the weather, but the mild temperatures of 2016 kept the influence of temperature extremes to a minimum, and allowed our wine to display an exceptionally clear expression of our small part of the world. 

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Vintage Details
Harvested: October 4, 2016
Vineyard: Labyrinth
Total Production: 75 cases
Brix at Harvest: 24.5
Alcohol: 13.9%