Our production is very limited and we're fortunate enough to sell out each year. We offer several membership levels that include priority and guaranteed access to our limited production Pinot Noir twice each year. Membership also includes invitations to winery events, like bottling, harvest and crush. Wine can be shipped free of charge, or picked up while attending one of our events.

We only accept as many members as our limited production can handle, which means that you will always be able to purchase as much as has been reserved for you. However, we do produce a limited supply of Rose each year, which is made available to our Case Members first. Our two membership levels are:

Six bottles. One case per year, with six bottles shipped in the spring, and six shipped in the fall. Invitation to one winery event each year.

Case Member.  Two cases per year, with one case shipped in the spring, and one shipped in the fall. Invitation to two winery events each year, and early access to our Rose of Pinot Noir. Access to our reserve of past vintages.